Who we are?


Unlike any other design consultancies we not only provide design solutions but we provide business solutions. We think different! We approach with caution! We study in depth! We deliver with excellence! We have together over 40 years of experience & knowledge in the field of engineering, structural solutions, fashion, design, retail, mental health. With both experience and knowledge we are able to understand, analyse & deliver the best consultancy services and most productive solutions that suit your need.
  • Creative ideas and Design Options for your home, office space
  • Increase digital presence of your businessBoth organic an inorganic promomtions
  • Timely delivery and Timely advice and direction
  • There is no more safety other than to know your dreams are in safe hands. Skilled workers set in motion to fulfill your goals.
  • Finding a place to confide deepest hurts is a treasure chest of comfort. We provide that space for you.
GDMR [George David Martha Rosily] Foundation is a firm dedicated to provide top quality service in all the areas of work that we do. The three wings that operate under GDMR Foundation are Civil Engineering and Design Consultancy, Brand Image Design Consultancy, and Mind and Body health consultancy services. Client need is the center of all design services at GDMR Foundations. We provide Creative Solutions in the field of Engineering, Brand Image, Visual Merchandizing, and Mental Health and wellness. We are one point solution provider who has the end to end understanding of a business, who can take a holistic approach and provide design solution, guidance and support.



“To be the most reliable global consultants that provide the best experience and build a lasting relationship”


  • Deliver everything with EXCELLENCE
  • Make a DIFFERENCE in everyone who connects with us
  • A work culture that believes in ‘YOU BEFORE ME’ attitude



“To provide creative solutions for our customer’s personal and / or professional longevity through its work in the field of  construction, designing and mental health”

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Founder and Managing Director

Githi Srinivasan

Githi is a remarkable woman with over 20 years of deep industrial experience working with some of the biggest names in the retail industry, including Marks and Spencer and Shoppers Stop. Despite her success in the corporate world, she decided to follow her passion and co-founded GDMR foundation to use her expertise and skills with the main vision to help small businesses grow.

Her passion for her work is deeply rooted in her belief in God. She believes that God has given her the opportunity to use her skills and experience to make a difference in the world, and she is committed in doing just that through GDMR foundation.

Co- Founder

Srinivasan Sundar Swamy

Sreenivasan Sir has been rewarded and awarded and recognized by Kerala Government for his outstanding work during his tenure as a Govt Civil Engineer. After his retirement his passion for structural engineering kept growing.

Sreenivasan Sir is a civil engineer who graduated in 1968 with a strong belief in the power of theoretical knowledge. Despite the lack of job opportunities in the engineering field at the time, he started his own consulting firm, implementing his knowledge into action. His confidence in theoretical knowledge has been his additional strength to the field knowledge he gained over the years.

Partner and Executive Director

Gina Vijayabhaskar

Gina is an extremely good-hearted and approachable human being who takes great pride in supporting and helping her employees develop their skills and navigate their careers. As a leader, Gina is both firm and kind, providing guidance and encouragement to her team members while holding them accountable for their actions.

Gina’s leadership style is focused on empowering her employees to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities. She recognizes the unique strengths and talents of each member of her team and strives to create an environment that enables them to thrive.