Akhil VS

Engineering Ninja!

Site Engineer, Civil

He is known as the Google for GDMR. Any thing you need to know the whereabouts, it is Akhil we call. He is very energetic, an amazing coordinator, planner, biker and athlete. He loves home cooked food and enjoys nice chat even with strangers. 
Akhil is a wonderful man with lot of goodness and he loves to find solution to various problems. Engineering and supervising construction work is a passion that brings out the best in him.

Repha Sequeira

Voice of Reason!

Head- Human Resource, Accounts

Meet her once and you become a fan of hers!  Repha is filled with the gift of hospitality. She is a bundle of joy and happiness. The best HR we could get. She makes everyone happy and comfortable even when the matter at hand is complicated.
She knows to bring out the best in each one and to find solution to any impeding issues. She is good with follow ups, organizing, planning, scheduling, communication, and much more. She makes sure that no one misses all the good opportunity that GDMR offers for personal and professional growth. 

Akhil Biju Alex

Process Flow Executive

That smiling face is a forever seal on your mind. Alex is nothing less than a kinetogenius. I know you haven’t heard such a term before. But nothing else can explain this guy in one word. Had to invent this for him. He is all about speed and agility. He grasps details with focus and execute with precision.
Young mind with dreams and desires. That is common for everyone, even to those biologically on the higher scale of years on earth. But for Alex the dreams and desires doesn’t precede him, but follows him. Give him clutter, he will get you things sorted. Behind the vocal monotony lies a musical brain that can harmonize any level of tasks that comes his way.

Jim David

Director of Astonishment!

Senior Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing Head

Having a musician in your team is an amazing advantage. He loves his guitar and he fears his mom! Pretty much everything you need in a man who has to strategize and plan your digital presence! He is fun to be with and at the same time he knows what he is doing. A deep researcher and a focused person.
All the clients would want to chat with him. They feel assured and confident if they know that Jim is working on their project.  His hair and his specs makes him stand out on every zoom call! 

Diya Theethan

Artistic Ninja!

Creative Designer, Brands

In today’s world finding a sweet, soft spoken girl is a rare discovery. Diya understands customer mind. She is a psychologist and a graphic designer. A combination any advertising agency would relish! Diya is all about branding. If your brand needs the right placement in the digital space, Diya is the answer to it!
We love having her around, especially during our weekly huddle she is a sweet fragrance that brings in some balance in all of us. She has grown well and she is a learner at heart. Someone who stops learning never grows! and the exact reason why brands seek after her service everytime!

Arun SK


3D Animator, Graphics Designer

Don’t under estimate the power of Arun! He sees everything in angles and spatial algorithms. He breathes matrix. I won’t be surprised if someone told me that he is from the multiverse and has personally met atleast 3 versions of Spiderman! That is our Arun. Amazing with three dimensional animation. His interest lies in game building and virtual realty.
Arun took the place in our hearts as well as client’s because of his output. Any project is seen as a new universe and he brings out his imagination to the best through the animations. He is taking care of the work from top brands. We don’t have to worry when we know that the work is in his hands. Arun makes it a point to deliver his work with beauty and quality on time.

Akhil Pillai

Marketing Manager- Projects

A man with a sharp mind and ability to find solution to any need in hand. Akhil is filled with fun and loves long drive. For any retail solution he is the man. He knows about the IC engine to the ply that is used in a simple podium! Loves to read and learn and so he is the encyclopedia at our finger tip!
If Akhil is handling your store setup, you can be rest assured that the work is done in class. Call him anytime and he is there for you. He is a gentle looking man with a brave heart. Challenges motivates him to develop self and others. Know him once and if you value the hidden treasure in him, he will make sure you enjoy the benefits of his brain! A buddy of all our vendors and clients!

Raj Panarkar

Onsite Project – West Zone

Print and Installation – Visual Merchandising

Meet apna Raju from Mumbai! He is rough from the outside, but you can count on him for the task you give him. Hard working and focused person is a rare value we find these days. But we are glad Raju is part of GDMR and he heads the West zone print and installation for Onsite Projects. Work goes smoothly in Mumbai because Raj is on it.
His interest ranges from electronics to bikes to music. He loves to fix things and find solutions where there is any glitches. Not just in print and installation but also in your mobile, bike, or anything that you name. His sense if fashion is excellent. He can give you suggestion that will keep you on top in latest trends any given day! 
All the clients would want to chat with him. They feel assured and confident if they know that Jim is working on their project.  His hair and his specs makes him stand out on every zoom call! 

Pooja Srivastava

Onsite Project – East Zone!

Print and Installation – Visual Merchandising

Who is that! The cat eyed girl ! You will never get Pooja on her own. She is always surrounded by people wherever she goes. A philanthropist and social worker, Pooja loves to serve the needy and be there to empower women in the much possible way she could.
She is known for meeting deadlines. She works tirelessly making sure that top brands are shining brilliantly in those display spaces in malls and shops. Pooja heads the print installation execution work for East zone. Her pleasant demeanor and her calming communication skill make sure that stress is out of the way when work is on high pressure. She gets the work done in excellence each time.


Onsite Project – Head North Zone

Print and Installation – Visual Merchandising

Shakti is a very able and strong girl. She is a go getter! Give her a “task” (in quotes coz I need you to feel the pressure of it too!), you will see her next with the completed work! That is her quality. In the midst of any given challenge, she can maneuver through the uncertain terrain and excavate out the exact solution that is required!
Shaktipriya heads the print and installation team in North zone. From Jammu all the way to Lucknow she has everything under her command. Quality and timeline is her priority. Things go smooth in GDMR with great people like Shakti!

Sneha Chohala

Ambassador of Buzz!

Head of Communication and Public Relation

Sneha has a unique sense of life. Rumor has it that she was born with a killer smile and when you meet her you would agree to it. She is soft spoken, smiling girl and so this pic of her is a very rare expression which is equally priceless!
Extremely knowledgeable with great expertise in the field of digital marketing and public relations. She values human relationship and so an amazing public relations expert. Her interactions means business and she values time and helps you make the best out of it!

Rahul Rajendran

Digital Marketing Executive

Rahul is a person with passion and desire to learn and grow. Growth is a sign of healthy mind. That is what Rahul brings in to GDMR. Fresh and excited to work. He surprises us with his persistence and commitment towards the work.  Being a digital marketing person, Rahul loves to explore, experiment and find the right solution for each of his clients.
He may seem to be seem naïve, but do not underestimate him. What he is underneath will surprise you. His brain is constantly thinking and rediscovering pathways to improve your visibility in the digital space.  Through the social platforms he makes sure your voice is heard loud and clear and reaches your customers at the right time!

Siddhanth Koundinya

Biker Guy!

Lead Strategist, Digital Marketing

One word and you would know him. Go getter! He is always on the move and pace is important in his life. Nothing that doesn’t progress is attractive to him. That includes any business. He is excellent in business strategy development and promotions.
He is like a torch that can guide your business in the right way in the vast expanse of digital universe. Siddhanth handles digital marketing unit and ensure an assured business growth to all our clients who are willing to change and adapt. Trend setters sets trend for others to tread smoothly!

Bhumika Rana

Sales Exorcist!

Head of Sales and Business Development

Bold and beautiful! Bhumi is a strong woman of great quality. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, she is the one that you need. When she talks, she means business. A Business strategist who can bring any business to its full potential.
Meet her and interact with her to gain an expanded insight on sales and business development.